Ten on Tuesday Wednesday: Free Cupcake Fail

IMG_0880Greetings all… it’s cold and windy this morning in DC and I’ve been at work way too long. I know this post is coming after 1000am, but I’ve been here since 720am. So there!

1. Georgetown Cupcake opened their new flagship bakery on M Street yesterday and gave away free cupcakes all day. Of course, I missed the opportunity for my free sugary and buttery goodness. Fail.

2. Work has slowed down even more so than in previous posts. Really starting to worry about whether or not I’ll have a job shortly after the new year arrives. I wish people would just pay their damn bills!

3. Christmas is rapidly approaching and I have done absolutely ZERO shopping. Doh! I’m going to get on that within the next few days.

4. I’m determined to get a photo into the DCist Exposed Photography Show this year. Help me out within the next few days and vote for your top three photos here. If you don’t have a Flickr account, just leave a comment here and I’ll get it.

5. I’m looking forward to skiing. And Pepe’s… only two weeks away!

6. Nicole and I are now slowly working towards figuring out the music situation for our wedding reception. Oh, the choices! Band all night? DJ all night? Quartet for dinner, DJ for dancing? Going to be a fun January.

7. The fall season of our APA pool league ended recently, and unofficial results show that I may have won another MVP award for the season! If so, that means that I’ll be invited to play in another regional tournament with a chance to win some dough, so keep your fingers crossed.

8. Somewhat reluctantly, I’m trying a new frame shop. Artful Framing has been my go-to for years, but it’s just such a pain to get out to Takoma Park regularly during business hours. I’m giving Gary Taylor a shot now because, well, it’s about a block away from my apartment.

9. I’m happy the Red Sox, after deciding to essentially let Jason Bay walk away from the team, have decided to make some strong moves for improved defense and pitching. Now, we just need some more offense!

10. I’m knee deep in online gift shopping now. Wish me luck.

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